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Software preservation

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Hello fellows,

some here like Allan may recall other screen names of mine, noway or 24bit.

Over at Macintoshgarden, some were thinking of preserving the old hacks that were done before nawcom and conti became popular.

It may be too late already, but if you have a Tiger or Leopard X86 hacked DVD (image) stored locally, please do consider sharing.

I´m aware that the matter is somewhat questionable and I´m not going to type the various names here.

It would be a shame though when all the old work was lost in the sands of time.

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I think OP is looking for old distros memorablia. You know, the old Hazard, iDeneb or Leo4All of days gone by. I should still have an old iDeneb 10.5.6 DVD somewhere. That's what got me started a few years ago on Pentium M...

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Exactly mon General, better than I could have put it into words. :)

Meanwhile, iFail v7 could be found, same for JaS 10.4.8.

I´m not quite sure where to store the DVD images or whether a public access should be given.

The old distros still have the smell of warez, which some people may find disturbing.


BTW, pixelgeek has a mirror of Max1zzz´s server with a copy of iFail S3, I always preferred nawcoms mod CD though.

http://mirror.macintosharchive.org/max1zzz.co.uk/++Uploads [UL]/

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That would be great Hervé, if you could dig out the 10.5.6 DVD image and upload it to a server of your choice.

Three items would almost make a collection. ;)

Do you happen to have a copy of nawcoms USB mod for GNU/Linux too - the tarball?


I´m sure that the tarball was at kexts.com, but it seems to be lost.

There is a page meanwhile for nawcoms mod.

Please do add anything you might find useful, if you feel like it.



Conti´s myHack might get a page at Macintoshgarden too, if Conti does not mind, that is.

Is anybody aware of his opinion on storing his work elsewhere?

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