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Dell lattitude 7480 - Mojave install : need help


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You browse the input devices and right click on the listed input devices to browse their properties. You'll see the device ids in the Driver's Info tab.


Can't say I understand what you intend to do once you've obtained the PCI id of your Alps I2C TouchPad though...

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Ah Okey, I need to enable the macOs gestures in my touchpad. My touchpad(7480) is not supported, while the 7490 is supported by your boot pack. So we are trying to find the pcid to see if the kexts that works from the 7490 config would directly work on my 7480 setup.  



I attached the Hardware ID from Windows for my touchPad which is the one I want  

it should be something like : 07A0:044E

is that right ?




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I just switch to using your bootpack(kabylake), with layout 13, speaker works but 3.5mm jack not working, layout 21 both are working but sometime jack not working, after restart it  working



After one day I use it, the same panic error has occurred. It means that if I reboot, it won't panic, but if I turn it off and then boot it will panic. after I forced the laptop to be turned off by hard keys and rebooted, there was no panic error.
Thank you for the help

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