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[SOLVED] 3440 Brightness and Boot Graphic problems


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Almost have a fully functional hackintosh! Woo! Only some small remaining problems I'm trying to iron out. 


The first one is when using my brightness keys they seem to get stuck. For example if I press brightness up once, it continues to increase even after I let go, the same with brightness down. 


Lastly upon booting my hackintosh, there is a temporary graphics glitch for 2-4 second which then returns to the loading screen with the progress bar. I have attached a picture of the glitch. 





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Well-known 2nd/final-stage boot glitch. Fix has been available for years... You can look it up.


-> Applicable patch for High Sierra/Mojave:

Kext:    IOGraphicsFamily
Find:    0100007522
Replace: 010000EB22


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Thanks for both your replied. 


Herve, I tried your patch which managed to reduce the glitch to less than a second but it was still visible...


Jake Lo, I noticed your patch has a slightly different number (25) at the end, which sadly didn't affect the boot glitch at all. Also the brightness keys are still playing up. I have attached a new debug file. 




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1 hour ago, Jake Lo said:

Just use Hervé patch or add Whatevergreen.kext to /L/E

What combo key are you using to control the brightness?

Does it do the same from preference pane 


Awesome, Whatevergreen basically fixed the glitch. Only appears for 0.2 seconds which doesn't bother me.


For the brightness controlles, I use FN+F4 and FN+F5 which are the native keys. If I use the preferences it works fine. I have attached a video




In the video you can see I press brightness up once, it then continues to be held without me touching anything until I press brightness down. After that the brightness keys do nothing until I reboot. 



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