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install help Mojave 10.14.4 on Asus X507UA -7th gen i3

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hai friends.

I am here again with a head ache I try install Mojave on my Asus i3 lap the os successfully installed n working in full resolution {full HD) 

working -- full qu- ci , keyboard but not fully shut down bluetooth etc

I can't edit the dsdt and ssdts somany errors ( aim a failure in that sector)

audio not working WiFi - QCNFA335 (AR 9565) not working

battery personage ..not working .....track pad not working ..all need precision ssdt editing .... I know 

if any person here with same system.... I attached extracted files from origin folder here ...... please help me .....


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It's been said dozens of times before and it's clearly indicated in the inventory Jake linked you to: those AR946x, AR9485, AR9565 cards are poorly supported to plain unsupported in High Sierra and Mojave. Replace yours with a fully supported card or use a supported USB dongle.


I can recommend DW1820A, Jake would recommend DW1560, both M.2 2230. D1830 may not fit since it's M.2 3030 (wider).


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