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[SOLVED] Dell Latitude E7440 Mojave installation.


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I tried to install the mojave 10.14.4 from here. It did install, but then i was stuck at selecting the region, neither the internal keyboard / mouse worked nor the USB ones.


Im using the i5-4200U model.


Can someone please link me to a perfect guide or please guide me step by step to install mojave in this machine?

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The previous screenshot means it's not detecting your drive. Make sure AHCI is enabled in BIOS.

When installing Clover, use the following config

Install for UEFI booting only

Install Clover in the ESP







Install Clover Preference Pane 

Add to Drivers64UEFI\HFSPlus.efi (Not included in Clover installer)


Post the clover folder is issue is still not resolved after following the above

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