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Starting a E5470...


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I am to hackintosh a Dell Latitude E5470.  Wish me luck.


I have started based on the post here:


This is my third attempt at getting Mojave installed on this machine.  The first time through, I was able to run the installer, then install clover and the Clover folder to the SSD. 

I mounted the EFI partition and went to see if I could fix the KEXT in order to get the track pad working...  Something went wrong when I stepped away, the machine went to sleep and I had to hard reboot...  the computer would not get passed the Apple logo again.


Second install, I followed the same basic steps and ran the installer, installed clover, copied the entire EFI directory.  Rebooted and the computer would not get passed the Apple logo again.


Hopefully, third time is the charm?


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I had run into an issue with the last install.  Had to use a USB / M2 adapter to clear the partitions and start over.  I went down the rabbit whole and got to the following screen where the loader just sits at the ethernet line for about 90 seconds then goes to the second screen that i am sure is not the best...


Anyways, this booting is from a usb installer created with the bootpack at 



So I really do not know where to begin to resolve this situation and would really appreciate some help.  Anyone know where to go from here?



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