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D630 WIFI Help


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Hello Folks,


need more help with new install (just installed LION)......


Have a D630 with Intel graphics. I've just replaced the Intel WIFI card with a Broadcom (BMC94312MCG) and I'm unable to find the right drivers (kext) files. I know there are files to be removed in /S/L/E and replaced with others.....


Can someone help? Is there a tutorial on how to accomplish this? GOING CRAZEEEE HERE!!!



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did it work in osx before, or is it known to work with osx?

i have no clue about wifi...


THX for your quick reply. In the past this was easy! I've deleted some kext files in /S/L/E and it all worked (after my last update from 10.7.2 to 10.7.3).


Yes it did work before. Last night I was trying to get the display to work in 1440x900 mode (which hosed my whole entire system). So went ahead and started from scratch. Actually I first installed Windows, upgraded the BIOS to A18, then installed LION. It worked before. But now....no WIFI!


I'm having a Brain freeze and don't remember which files that I've edited/deleted


Now I'm stuck!!!!

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