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Which is Dell Latitude e - series is easiest to Hackintosh


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I am bought a Dell 7559 to Hackintosh because all over the internet, there are guides that say it should work but I quickly found out that it was tough to install and when i updated the bios to the latest version 1.3.1 the OSX drive would no longer boot. It now requires a cold start with the right bios to work properly.


I am thinking of buying another laptop for my Hackintosh use and I wanted to know which Dell e7x00 is the easiest to Hackintosh?


Someone is offering me a 7480 at a decent price but there are also many 7470s and 7450s available in my area at decent pricing as well. It seems that the 7470 and the 7480 models generally have the same cpu Core i5-6300U or something similar. The e7450s have a core i5-5500u. 


Does anyone have a recommendation for any Dell E7x00 series that is easiest to Hackintosh and everything works? Of course with the exception of having to replace the wireless card - Which is usually the case



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I would recommend either E7450 or E7470. I have full guide and bootpacks for them.

On E7450, SD Card reader is supported, E7470 does not.

On both model, the touchpad is not fully supported as you won't have gestures, but you'll have 2 fingers scrolling, right click, tab to drag. Works perfectly well enough for me.

For the track stick middle button for scrolling to work, just install SmartScroll.app.

Latitude 7480 comes in both Skylake and Kabylake processors, the I2C touchpad on this model is semi supported with basic mouse movements. Still no gestures.

All these requires an M.2 wireless card, I recommend DW1560 or DW1830.

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It's easy to confuse some of the older Latitude E7xxx series with the newer Latitude 7xxx Series. There is added confusion when you realise that last E-Series E7470 sold alongside a sister model labelled 7470 within the E-Series (like a few other Exx50/xx50 models).

  • E7450 is 5th gen Broadwell (HD 5500 or nVidia GeForce 840M); this is getting older now...
  • E7470/7470 is 6th gen Skylake (HD 520)
  • 7480 is generally Kaby Lake (HD 620/HD 640) but also sold as 6th gen Skylake (HD 520)
  • 7490 is 7th gen Kaby Lake (HD Graphics 620)/ 8th gen Kaby Lake R (UHD Graphics 620)

We have guides for all those models. Provided the 7480 model you were offered is Kaby Lake, it'll be a better machine than a Skylake 7470/E7470. If you go for a Broadwell E7450, go for a model without the nVidia graphics.


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