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ASUS GL704GV: Combojack problems


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I try install the kext in L/E and hda-verb in usr/bin and i try in terminal this procedure


hda-verb 0x12 0x707 0x00

hda-verb 0x13 0x707 0x00

hda-verb 0x14 0x707 0x00

hda-verb 0x15 0x707 0x00

hda-verb 0x16 0x707 0x00

hda-verb 0x17 0x707 0x00

hda-verb 0x18 0x707 0x00

hda-verb 0x19 0x707 0x20

hda-verb 0x1A 0x707 0x00

hda-verb 0x1B 0x707 0x20

hda-verb 0x1D 0x707 0x20

hda-verb 0x1E 0x707 0x40

hda-verb 0x1F 0x707 0x20

hda-verb 0x21 0x707 0x00


I put the earphones back on every command I put in the terminal to see if it was grainy in the speakers but I didn't solve it

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I don't think you need to place the had-verbs in /usr/bin; 'never done it myself on any of my Hacks and they all run with AppleALC these days.


You repaired permissions and rebuilt your cache after installing CodecCommander in /L/E, right?

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