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[SOLVED] Dell Latitude E5440 Sleep issue


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I installed MacOS Mojave 10.14 on my laptop recently,

everything works fine except for these things:

closing and opening lid does nothing

Bluetooth sometimes work

sleep doesn't work, its either it wakes up or there is a black screen

Fn keys need to be remapped

static audio when i inject headphones


Im new to the hackintosh stuff, Can anyone please help me fix it if its possible

I have attached my EFI folder


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Go to /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin and clear al the files

Reboot to Clover GUI, press F4, continue booting

Mount EFI partition, compress and attach the Origin folder for review.


For static noise in headphone, download latest CodecCommander.kext and move it to /Library/Extensions

Repair permissions and rebuild cache



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nv_disable=1 boot parameter only instructs the OS to ignore the nVidia GPU so that no drivers are loaded; but it does not disable the hardware (i.e. turn it/power it off) so the dGPU still draws current off the battery. The dGPU can be disabled through ACPI patching.


Can you please take a screenshot for that "display controller icon" ?

[CMD][SHIFT][3] or [CMD][SHIFT][4], following by [SPACE] + left button mouse/touchpad click.


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Erm... that's the icon for an ExpressCard card! You must have a card inserted in the EC slot of your laptop... "Display Controller" is meant to represent what you currently have in place. What is it?


My E62x0 laptops will show this when fitted with my GMYLE BC620 USB3.0 EC card.



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