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e7240 Mojave installation


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Hello. I just installed Mojave on this notebook with vanilla.

Ethernet, video and audio are working. My trackpad also, except the central tap and gestures.

I have a big problem with standby/sleep. I'm unable to use my pc after resuming it from standby. I cannot enter my password, I can't move the mouse cursor etc... I have to shut down from button.


I generated my ACPI with F4 button con clover boot. Please take a look to my EFI folder and ioreg.

Sorry for my poor English.

ioreg.zip EFI.zip

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Re: TrackPad, all you need to do is set it up through the Trackpad PrefPane. Too many people ignore this basic stuff... Not all gestures will be supported of course, this is no real Mac.


Re: sleep/wake, you experience issues because you're not using any patched DSDT nor any DSDT patches for _PRW methods in ACPI devices GLAN (LAN interface), HDEF (audio) and EHC1/EH01, EHC2/EH02, XHC (USB controllers). You can give the attached patched DSDT a try knowing that I've only patched it for those above _PRW methods, USB ports power inection and support for keyboard brightness keys.


Sleep and wake should then work on the basis that you have:

  1. CPU power management properly in place
  2. Hibernation disabled (i.e. fallback on plain old sleep); you'll find details relating to this in our FAQ section

I've also revisited our Clover config which was partially incorrect and non-optimum. You may place it "as is" alongside your existing Clover config file in your EFI/CLOVER folder and manually call it at boot time from Clover's main menu->Options->Configs


You're also missing a few other essential stuff such as the SSDT-PNLF required to fully support brightness control and kexts required for proper USB operations (all available off Rehabman's repo if you google for them):

  • USBInjectAll (to get all your USB ports working)
  • FakePCIID + FakePCIIDXhciMux (to get USB2/USB3 multiplexing)


All in all, why didn't you use the existing Clover packs already provided in guides for this laptop model?


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