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Dell Latitude E5470: HDMI working not correct


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Hi All, 

I have an issue, when i plug in HDMI cable, my laptop screen not show everything, but external screen is show ok. I do not why?,
Please can you help me fix this, . 

i have use guide to install, everything is working ok, but when i plugin HDMI cable it is working not correct :(


CPU:  Core i5 6440HQ 2,6GHz 

Intel Graphics 530

Full HD 1920 x 1080

 Thanks All SO MUCH



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This was noted in my E7x70 guide. It only happens on clean boot. If system has slept once, it won't happen.

You could try adding EDID, it worked on my E7270 but not my E7470.


You don't really need to put it to sleep, just close lid, the external monitor comes on as primary. You can then open the lid and it'll swap back.


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