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E7240 catalina - battery sign not updating and bluetooth missing DW1510


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hy guys...


i have a almost perfect working catalina install on my E7240.


I used the clover data from jakelo from this tread 2nd last post.




wifi is now working after using the clover data mentioned above, but I am missing bluetooth and my battery sign is not updating...

if I click on "show percentage" it shows the updated battery status, but then again not updating till I click again...


attached you'll find my complete EFI and a screenshot of the L*/E*





Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-28 um 14.19.59.png


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Erm, re: Bluetooth, you just don't throw in all the kexts re: Broadcom firmware patching! -_-


You need to read Rehabman's documentation:



Replacement IO80211Family kext will not load from /L/E, it has to be done in /S/L/E. See here:



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okay.. i removed BrcmFirmawareData,and BrcmBluetoothInjector ...  moved BrcmFirmwareRepo to S/L/E ... rebuild cache and permissions.... 


bluetooth is still not here..... battery sign still not updating..



2)  you say IO80211Family kext will not load from L/E, but my wifi started working after putting it in L/E.... ???


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THX,,,,, one issue less!! ;-)


@Hervé: IO80211 is loading from /L/E .. i tested... when deleted, my wifi does not start... i replaced the one in SLE, then it works again... to make sure, i did the not working to SLE and the working to LE.. wifi worked...


still strange, my battery update does not work...

pls check my new /L/E directory, if still some kexts shouldnt be here or are missing..


Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-28 um 20.06.30.png

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You should remove BrcmPatchRAM2, keeping BrcmPatcRAM3 for bluetooth if you plan to add a Broadcom BT in the future.

As for the Battery, see Rehabman's documentation here

You could try setting different value for FirstPollDelay to get better results


2017-10-01 v1.81.4

add kernel flag "abm_firstpolldelay" to allow override of FirstPollDelay with simple kernel flag entry (config.plist/Boot/Arguments). For example, to set FirstPollDelay to 16000 (16 seconds), use abm_firstpolldelay=16000

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