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Lenovo Thinkpad E470 - help with post install


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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E470 and I need some help with post-install.


Lenovo Thinkpad E470

Processor: Intel Core i5-7200U (Kaby Lake)

Bios: R0DET99W (1.99 )

Memory: 12GB (4+8)

Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620

Wifi: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 (interface NGFF M2)

Ethernet: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

IDE Controller: Intel(R) 6th Gen Core Processor Family Platf I/O SATA AHCI Controller

SD Card Reader: BayHubTech Integrated MMC/SD controller

Motherboard chipset: Intel Sunrise Point-LP, Intel Kaby Lake-U

HDD: WDC WD5000LPLX-08ZNTT0  (500 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-III)

Trackpad: Synaptics Pointing Device

Keyboard: Japanese PS/2 Keyboard (106/109 teclas Ctrl + Eisuu)


Conexant CX20753/4 @ Intel Sunrise Point-LP PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [C1] (codec: 14F15111h / 17AA505Bh)

Intel Kaby Lake HDMI @ Intel Sunrise Point-LP PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [C1] (codec: 8086280Bh / 17AA505Bh)


I have followed initially the guide below (it helped me a lot). Thank you guys for this @Max.1974 @Jake Lo!!!!




After a successful Catalina installation, I've used the CLOVER folder from the guide but it never boots up.

So, I did a clean install and used a config.plist from RehabMan. So far, so good (er, more or less).

During the boot I can see lots of ACPI errors.


I'm writing this message from the Lenovo E470 itself :) I've buy a SSD and I'm just waiting for it.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to make it (almost) perfect.


What's working:

  • network - only cabled (ethernet)
  • keyboard - although it is a ABNT2, I'm using it as a US International
  • trackpad - not as good as I need - sometimes the click is not working
  • trackpoint - works but not the buttons
  • video - activated and using an external monitor through HDMI 
  • screen brightness (with keyboard keys too)
  • SD Card Reader


However,  some things are not working:

  • sound - only through headphones - using layout 15 (have tried all possible layouts)
  • battery - not showing status
  • wifi - not using - maybe I buy some wireless card in the future (also have 2 different usb dongles to test)


Here is my current CLOVER folder and also codec_dump I made using Linux.


I want to make it fully functional and learn some new tricks during the journey.

I also want to make a more detailed guide to help other people.

Any help is welcome.







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Update to brightness + clover update
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Thank you very much @Jake Lo. Everything is good now ! Wow ! The only thing that needs some working is audio. I've just injected layout 15 (at least I have sound through headphones).


One dummy question - why did my CLOVER folder won't work in another similar Lenovo E470?  It is something related with DSDT ?



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