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E7450 | Catalina 10.15.1 | bluetooth issue


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Hi everyone,


I apologize about opening this new topic. As I wrote on the subject, I'm still suffering bluetooth issues: it might be available, but it isn't able to connect to anything. Most of the time it doesn't switch it on at all: the icon on the topbar is shaded grey but in system preferences it appears active, even if it doesn't work at all.  

I also tried to patch the SSDT for UsbInjectAll.kext, with no success.

I tried to properly modify the USBPorts-E7450.kext, with no success. 

I'm still not so good in doing these things..can you please help me?

I manually saved the ioregistry file because the install_tool.sh wasn't able to do by itself.






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I confirm I have installed the latest version of BrcmPatchRAM (2.5.0) before posting here. So the issue appear with the latest version, but I'm pretty sure I have it also with 2.3.0d3.

Might it be a problem of virtualSMC?


many thanks


edit: a partial solution occurred putting the machine to sleep (by closing the lid) and leaving it there for a few minutes. After waking up, bluetooth is working correctly.

Do you have any possible hint?


Thanks again

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I don't want to talk too loud..but after updating to 10.15.2 the configuration seems to be working..


Is that correct to keep the SSDT-UIAC.aml (with proper USB configuration) and UsbInjectAll.kext (this one in /L/E)? If so, and if you agree, I might share my EFI folder with the community in a new git repo.


When still on 10.15.1 I tried deleting virtualSMC (and SMCBatteryManager) and replace it with FakeSMC (and ACPIBatteryManager) but bluetooth was not working..

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I tried an hard method: formatting anything and perform a clean install of Catalina 10.15.2. Result: no way. 
I suspect it can be a usb wrong configuration too: I tried to add the HP13 to usb20internalhub (which appears in IOregistryexplorer when I close/open the lid) in USB-E7450.kext through PlistEdit Pro (pic attached) but it’s again useless, probably because I wrote it in a wrong way. @Jake Lo can you please have a check?




Ps: if the problem is with no solution, I suspect I will have to downgrade to Mojave 


edit: in order to be clear enough, I just want to underline that bluetooth works only if I close/open the lid (waiting for the hack going to sleep). But at the first boot (or reboot) it doesn't work.




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Dear @Hervé,

I apologize for the wrong orientation of that pic. I will for to rotate it in the proper way next time.

Please consider that my E7450 has been formatted and I still don't have my password manager installed there. Without it, I cannot login to the forum.

So I apologize again.


Do you have any hint about our issue? I mean, mine and @pafkata?

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