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USB Pen Install anyone from the Uk


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Hello there, if anyone from the Uk would be prepared to install the files on a usb pen for me on an intel based 10.6 computer id appreciate it?, I can forward the pen with an image of OSX 10.6 to you, I cannot unfortunately follow the up to date wiki as my computer isnt compatible with the myhacks programs etc,


My hack EDP unfortunately wasn't built and isn't compatible with my old Leopard based IBM so I cannot install all the other files need on the USB stick


any advice help appreciated

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Hi wayne,


You can create a chameleon boot cd and try to use macdrive in windows to prepare and transfer the snow leopard installation files to a usb. I think its possible.


Update: By the way, I just remember that you already have a mac. You actually can manually transfer the installation media to a USB (example here: http://www.macgurulounge.com/create-snow-leopard-usb-installation-drive/), install chameleon and then just copy the Extra boot pack to the usb.




Edit: Wayne, actually, we still have our old guide here: http://www.osxlatitude.com/creating-a-usb-pen-with-osx-installation/

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