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E7440: for macOS Catalina USB installer WiFi and Ethernet

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I made a Catalina USB installer as described in the “Clover Guide”.

It works perfectly, only 2 things don't work.

- Ethernet

- WiFi

Could you please help me what kind of kext is missing?

Many times I would need WiFi or Ethernet if I do a Time Machine reset.

I've included an EFI folder so you can see what's on the installer.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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It would help us to help you if you have included the system model and specs.

We can't tell what ethernet or wifi device is in your system. You'll have to determine them yourself. Know your hardware!

Check the BIOS or if you have Windows install, run dxdiag.exe

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Hmm, from the EFI files, I'll assume you are referring to E7440 that you have another thread opened for.

In that case, it should have an Intel Ethernet and Intel Wifi.

For the Ethernet, upgrade the IntelMausiEthernet.kext to the latest version or switch to AppleIntelE1000e.kext

For Intel wifi, it's not supported, switch to DW1510 for Wifi only or DW1550 for Wifi/BT combo.

You'll need to restore 2 kexts from Mojave since the chipset are not longer supported in Catalina.

IO80211Family.kext & IO80211FamilyV2.kext to /L/E

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Sorry, this was missed.
Yes, this is an E7440 device.
That's how I solve ethernet.
DW1550 WiFi Module Module.
After installation, this works perfectly. I want to get you started with an installer and select a time machine there if you want one time WiFi.

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I'm sorry, but I think we're not thinking the same thing because of my very lack of English. (I'm writing from Hungary)

I have attached an image as an attachment so that I can see where I want to access both Wifi and Ethernet.

In my previous USB installer it worked smoothly under macOS Mojave (I have attached the picture), but unfortunately my Catalina installer no longer works with Wifi or Ethernet at the start of the installation.

Postage: After installing Catalina, I didn't have to swap the two kexts you mentioned, just as I did under Mojave for Wifi to work. During Mojave I remember the need to swap the two files.


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Wifi availability/operation depends entirely on the card you use. So begin by stating the make and model of device then lookup our FAQ section + wireless cards inventories for all eventual guidance...

Ethernet should work once you configure your BIOS according to the required settings and install (or inject) the kext available in the (numerous) E7440 packs...

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The Wi-Fi make (DW1550) was stated above.
Once the installation is complete, both wifi and ethernet will work without any problems or setup.
In fact, wifi works during installation when it first asks for apple id.
Only the beginning of the installation does not work with either wifi or ethernet, so when I can still choose to do a Time machine reset or install…
Attaching a picture (to the left is the old Mojave and to the right is the new Catalina) showing the directory of the old Mojave installer kexts where the wifi was still running and the Catalina kexts directory currently used where the wifi is off right. Maybe someone sees what's missing from the Catalina kexts library.

EFI folders: https://mega.nz/#F!regxwQ4R!IMa0uuP1pFVGlsVpVlKTFA


Képernyőfotó 2020-01-16 - 14.02.48.png

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I believe I was replying to @Pazzeo who hijacked your thread without providing any hardware specs for his own model. It would be quite a mistake to assume he too has a DW1550 since I do not think all E7440 came out of the factory with that specific card...

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