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Latitude 3480: guidance required for DSDT patching


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The patch I linked fixes the issue you're having due to IASL bug, you might be using a different version of MacIASL than I am.

With that said, you don't need to patch your DSDT for the Fn key for Brightness. I assume you have the Latitude 3480?

Add the 3 patches in those order, you already have the 1st 2 but needs to be reordered, then add the 3rd to your Config file. 

Add the attached SSDT to the Patched folder. Finally, you'll need to use VoodooPS2Controller.kext



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Yes am on Latitude 3480, Mojave 10.14.6

I applied the 3rd patch in my clover only as i already have the first two

I put the attached ssdt into Efi/ Clover/ ACPI/ Patched

Remove the appleps2controller from Efi/ Clover/ kexts/ Other & installed voodoops2controller in Efi/ Clover/ kexts/ Other

But still the fn + f11/ f12 key not working

Is there anything i could do?

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