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Dell latitude 7480: trouble with multiple screens and TouchPad under Catalina


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I've checked IOReg of my 7490 today with built-in LCD + HDMI & DP off the Dock. Observation: when each output port is used individually (i.e. without the other plugged in), both register against [email protected]/port #6. When used simultaneously, this does not change and only 1 display registers under that output port! I've tried to add patches for [email protected]/port #5 too but to no avail.


I guess this is the reason why both external screens display the same picture, knowing that HDMI appears to take priority (it's the HDMI screen that shows under PrefPane/About This Mac/Display Menu app, never the DP screen, no matter the manner in which the displays get connected.). It's a hardware mirror, not a macOS one!


'pretty sure this is the same for your 7480 and more troubleshooting time is required here...

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On 1/16/2020 at 6:40 PM, ViciousPasta said:

My wifi & BT is Intel AC-8265


On 1/16/2020 at 6:50 PM, Jake Lo said:

There you go, not supported!

See here for list of supported devices...you'll need an M.2 card.

Atheros are no longer supported, stay away from them.

I have personally tested DW1560, DW1830 and DW1820a.

All working for wifi and BT.

For bluetooth, i have found a working kext. not it only works for intel bluetooth and supports the AC-8256 which is exactly the one i have. 


The same person is working on a wifi kext but says it will take some time. 

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