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HD4000 black screen on 10.14.6

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Hi all,


My system.

main: Thin ITX Hm77

CPU: 3220M

VGA: hd4000 1920x1080

Audio: Alc662

i try any config with ig-platform-id, but not boot to OS

just add intelGFX: 0x12345678 to boot completed but not full VGA intel

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 11.13.37 PM.png

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Mobile HD4000 is supported OOB with the relevant layout-id according to built-in LCD resolution; it's written all over the place and also clearly indicated in Clover Configurator app...



We also have an extensively detailed Capri/HD4000 patching thread in the R&D->Graphics section that'll explain how to add output ports to the HiRes layout should you need more then the sole built-in LCD this layout supports by default.


NB: there is no support for VGA output on HD4000 in macOS.

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  1. Intel i5-3220M mobile CPU is fitted with mobile HD4000 iGPU which carries the usual id 0x0166. There is no need to fake anything for that iGPU.
  2. With Lilu + WEG kexts, there should be no need to add Inject Intel nor any ig-layout-id in Clover config.
  3. Injecting desktop layout 0x016600a seems incorrect to me when it should be HiRes mobile layout 0x01660004.
  4. With regards to Darwin injection, it'd be better to select Darwin for Win7 if the computer has USB3.0 ports/controller. Otherwise, there won't be any USB3.
  5. KernelPm patch is irrelevant, it's for Haswell and beyond, AICPUPM patch is what's required for Ivy Bridge.
  6. The Capri patches found inside the Clover config are probably useless and may contribute to your problems of completing the boot process and reaching the macOS desktop. They should be removed/disabled. Again, details of the patch for HiRes layout 0x01660004 are provided in our HD4000 patching guide in the R&D->Graphics section if required.

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