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Best WiFi card for E-series


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I've got everything up and running beautifully but I need to buy a new WiFi card to really finish it. My E6220 shipped with an Intel 6205 dual-band WiFi card that is completely non-functional under OSX. From looking around I've seen many different cards that will work, but I was wondering what would you guys recommend?


Here's some I've looked at:

Apple Atheros AR9380

Dell Wireless 1510

Broadcom BCM4321

Atheros AR9280


and some other odd cards. Which one would provide the fewest headaches? If it's the Apple card, and I can get drivers for it for Windows 7 X64, I'll get that one then.

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Since I've posted that, I went ahead and bought the Apple Atheros AR9380. Works seamlessly and is FAST. I also get crazy range with it... like 500+ feet from the access point.


Thanks for this. Went ahead and bought one of these and it is working great!




Is your AR9380 full height or half height?


Yeah, this is what threw me off, thought it was half-mini but when I got it, it was actually full size..didn't read close enough. Luckily the E6520 I have at least has an extra spot for a WWAN card which I didn't have installed which is a full height slot. So I took out the original half-height one and put the full height AR9380 in the WWAN spot. I had to move some of the wires around so it would reach the card in the new location but it is all working fine. I am posting this from my e6520 right now all wireless.


Also, one thing that is kind of weird that may be related to using the WWAN spot instead of the WLAN spot is that when I am connected, the network settings in system preferences shows that the Bluetooth PAN is connected as well as the Wi-Fi connection. And while the Wi-Fi connection shows it is connected to the network it doesn't list an IP address/DNS settings, etc, but the Bluetooth PAN has all that information on it...kind of weird but whatever...I didn't have to install any special kexts or anything.

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