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D630 CPU Issues


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Hi !


I`ve got installed the latest 10.7.3 and had no problems using the AppleHDA, Apple Trackpad and Nvidia Graphics Driver.


Everything was running fine until I decided to do a full upgrade from the builtin T7300 to a T9500 Core2Duo.

The T9500 with 2.6gHz is one of the fastest you can put in the Machine I think, however since I replaced the CPU, Audio Stutters, and the Graphic Card feels a lot slower - when starting the Graphic Stutters as well, ... is it due a different Microcode, will a reinstall help ? Does the CPU require some new Microkernel kExt ? Any hint on that issue would be appreciated.

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Dear xpeace,


I don't think its a software issue. It may be a hardware issue. Did you check if your new cpu has similar FSB speed to the old one?




The T9500 Runs with 800Mhz FSB (CPU-X shows 796 MHz) same as the original T7300, but one has 65nm the other 45nm waver size, ... ?

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Thank you for your support !


CPU Temperature is 45 deg idle up to 55 deg on heavy testing, I replaced

the fan with a new one and cleaned the vents when replacing the cpu, setting the Bootflag to cpus=1 made no difference.


I just noticed that audio seems to work everywhere but not in youtube videos - while youtube advertisement works perfect, standard youtube videos don't work at all, only black video and stuttering audio, and sometimes a plugin error message, setting safari to 32Bit made no changes either,


Anyone had similar experiences on youtube or flash player ? Google chrome also did not show any youtube video nor audio.


Update: As I read Adobe Flash Player has Problems with HW acceleration. Using the Tab Bar I disabled HW acceleleration in Flash and now all Youtube Videos are running fine again, Once more Thank You all for your support.




D630 using AppleHDA and Apple PS2 Trackpad

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