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Dell 5570 Catalina screen flickering problem


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I have just installed macOS Catalina on my Dell 5570 ... I've been facing some problems, one of which is the screen flickering when watching youtube or any media player on just in full screen mode .. in normal minimized screen there is no problem at all .. My graphics acceleration is fully working .

I'm going to attach a video which I captured the problem

video link: here


my specs:

Dell 5570

intel i5-8250U

intel U620 / Radeon 530

8Gb of ram

1080P display

240Gb kingston SSD



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Thanx for your quick response, 
I did what you told me, and the results are close to non .. I have test the full screen mode in Safari and QuickTime player and in both of them there is no flickering BUT google chrome (main browser) there are very little flickering (much less annoying) ... what do you think the problem might be? 

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