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Precision M4800: research for full support of Quadro K2100M


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Hello all.


I own a otherwise, very supported laptop for OS X (Dell Precision M4800, QHD+ version so with internal eDP connector).

After installing macOS and without any kind of injection, I get fully accelerated HDMI and DisplayPort but the internal screen is blank unless I boot with nv_disable=1 (currently using Clover).


I've been researching this problem for some weeks now and it seems it may be due to one of these issues:


- Bug in K2100M BIOS' DCB table. There's an LVDS entry on the DCB Table (0) which I believe is picked by the Apple Nvidia Drivers.

- Errors in DSDT or the SSDT-5 ACPI tables.


I've opened up a Repo with the information I already found which is available @ https://github.com/Xeon3D/PrecisionMx800-Hackintosh


Sadly my knowledge of ACPI (and I've tried reading the 1000+ PDF, but my lack of programming skills aren't helping as well, not to mention English is not my native language) and connector patching is poor, so I was thinking that maybe with the help of @Hervé and @Jake Lo and You, we might get somewhere.

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