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Dell Latitude E5570 Post installation issues


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I got the installation process successfully. Everything is working except for the following items





Crucial NVME 500GB (2 partition - Windows 10/MAC-Catalina)




1. Brightness - When I start first time the screen is too bright and lowering them via Display Control doesnt work until the laptop goes to sleep. When I wake it up and login the brightness control work perfectly.

2. USB drive via USB 3.0 - Flash drive work flawlessly - I am have a NVME enclosure(RTL9210 NVME) which doesn't get recognize by system or in Disk Utility.  It working in Windows Partitions

3. SD card not recognized or working.


All help greatly appreciated.


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According to your IOReg, SD card reader is Realtek RTS525a. Please refer to our recent News article on our Home page and/or our dedicated recent thread in the SD card reader forum section. No guarantee that the recently developed kext will kick your card reader to life but it should.


With regards to USB, there are a number of mistakes with your setup:

  • your Skylake laptop has no USB2.0 hub (only USB3), i.e. no EHCx controllers. As such:
    • delete those EHCx to EH0x renaming you've configured in your Clover config file
    • delete those SSDT-EH0x tables you're injecting through ACPI/patched
  • you're not using USBInjectAll kext + SSDT-UIAC table or USBPorts kext
    • download Hackintool app and generate your USBPorts kext + SSDT-UIAC.aml table
    • use either USBInjectall + SSDT-UIAC.aml together or USBPorts kext on its own

Once you've done that, your USB ports should work properly.


With regards to LCD screen brightness, please post an IOReg before and after sleep/wake so that we compare iGPU data.


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Looks like you have added the (2) 10.15.x port limit patches, but you need to pair it with USBInjectall.kext to work. Once added you should follow Hervé suggestion to generate file with Hackintool.app.

As for Brightness, disable AddPNLF in the Config file. You already have SSDT-PNLF.aml which already does the job.

SD Card reader will work with the kext Hervé mentioned.

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Thanks Jake. USB is working perfectly.


Only thing left is Brightness and I noticed the battery drained from 100% to 40% while on sleep(laptop lid open screen goes black power button solid). it was on battery not charging.


Didn't charge, let it go to sleep(lid open) couple of hours passed pressed the power button the system reboot when I upon logging in I save error "Sleep Wake failure in EFI"


I am using the Brightness control. Full bright on full dots, half dot full bright, 3 dots it goes black.


I just want to say greatly appreciate your help and wisdom on this matter. Thank You

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Give this a try, updated your files

Just replace the Config.plist and ACPI folder. Add the 2 kexts to kexts/Other

remove SMCHelper.efi from drivers/UEFI //paired with FakeSMC, not for VirtualSMC.kext


If still have issue, then you might want to try resetting NVRam

at terminal, type 

sudo nvram -c 


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