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E5470 - i5 6440HQ - HD 530 - Full HD

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You may choose 14e4,4353 or 14e4,4331 to you own wish; I've mentioned both because those are the ids we want to target in order to ensure that AirportBrcmNIC is bypassed and AirportBrcm4360 gets loaded instead. They basically are the 2 x ids supported by the kext.


Your Clover config is spot on though I must admit I'm surprised not to see anything under RP02->PXSX when your properties injection are present. It's as if no Broadcom kext got loaded which is odd.


However, given that you were then able to connect to 2.4 and 5GHz networks, I guess drivers did load. I can't comment your test results much. Obviously you'll get far better rates on a 5GHz network than on a 2.4GHz one. I'm not too surprised by the rates on the 2.4GHz network but more so by the download rate on the 5GHz one. I sometimes get an upload rate higher than a download one but nothing of the sort in terms of difference. However, maybe other devices were downloading stuff off your connection at the time or it just got slow. Can't say more. It really depends on your own local stuff.


All I can say on the 5GHz network is that you're connected on a 40MHz channel, not a DFS/80MHz channel so rates will lower than you may expect. DFS/80MHz connections and higher rates totally depends on your local router/box capabilities here. That's something only you can look into.


What I can tell you is that my own local telco router offers me DFS/80MHz connection so I achieve high speed 802.11ac connection at 800-900Mbps and Internet rate at the maximum rate of my fibre connection, i.e. 300Mbps up/down.




All I can suggest is that you experiment with AirportBrcmFixup kexts and the boot arguments it provides to modify/inject parameters such as Country Code and stuff like that.

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