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E6530 Big Sur installation

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<_< Tuh tuh tuh...


Big Sur was announced compatible with models not older than MacBook Pro late 2013 and MacBook Air 2013. None of these include Ivy Bridge/HD4000 platforms. Expect support to start at Haswell only...



This being said, Big Sur beta so far supports Ivy Bridge HD4000 graphics (IntelHD4000 + Capri framebuffer kexts are present) so you should be Ok for the time being. Maybe not when final version gets released at fall.

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I used the EFI from the E6540 thread and updated the kexts...

I was able to boot to the install screen.

Formatted a blank SSD and installed.

A couple of reboots then...

I was able to get to this point in the install process.

It seems to be hanging on igpu


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Strange thing...


The laptop no longer boots from and/or recognizes any of the SSD drives...

Even when booting from a USB drive, no internal drives are recognized or even seen by the computer...

Could this be a hardware failure? 

I have a HD in the cd-rom caddy and not even that drive is seen...


It does not even post... only the logo appears

When I take all the drives off, it will boot off a usb drive...

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Did you press the Reset NVRam from OC Picker?

Seems to be an issue on some hardware. Did it on my E6430 and it'll only show the Dell logo.

I had to remove the battery, the HDD, move the ram to a different slot. After several attempts, I was able to get to the BIOS, reset to default and change the BIOS settings again. It then finally boot.

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