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5490: Big Sur Beta successfully installed - fine tuning needed


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finally it works. Still open issues:


1. black screen after wake: Tried several things but without success


2. Double tap to drag does not work... in clover it works. Tried also several different kexts but it does not work even if enabled... I can't double tap to drag... gestures are working fine


3. I'm still missing keyboard shortcuts for e.g. backlight adjustment ... need a patched aml? I only have prebuilt ones but maybe someone has an idea how to simply fix it


Would be nice if someone could help fix those last issues. Everything else works like a charm and it's my daily driver now.



in the uploaded EFI folder I've deleted the intelligencebluetoothfirmware.kext (15mb) to upload the zip here.


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1. fixed now... does wake up without blackscreen


2. still no drag & drop...tried different kexts


3. still not working


another issue I was not aware of


4. BT is working fine for BT headsets but I can't connect a BT mouse (no logitech one and no microsoft) I see them but it's not connecting

    - removed BRCM patches and firmware from the config.plist as I'm normally just having an Intel AC8265 combo card and no Broadcom. no

      changes...BT working, so I see devices but not able to connect to a BT mouse, only BT headsets


Would be nice if anybody could help here a bit



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OK found it and put it into ACPI folder and added it to the config.plist


no difference... brightness control keys are not working at all 


- for the touchpad: I've tried so many different voodoops2 kexts and also alps and appleps2 ones.... yesit works, with gestures but no double tap to drag & drop.... I've also tried a replacement with kexts from my former clover installation where this feature was ok but also without success

it's working "OK" with voodoops2 kext (so gestures and swipes) but the accuracy and the click feature it's just sometimes luck to hit the sweet spot... I don't know how to improve the feeling of it. I'm quite sure with some improvements of the voodoops2.kext (in it's plist) I could have at least an accurate touchpad but I don't know which parameters to set



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