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HP 820 G3: patched SSDT for Catalina with OC


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Thanks a lot for these info Jake Lo!


I remark that in my Kernel boot log, there are several message like these one:


(USBInjectAll) <compose failure [UUID]> and (VoodooInput) <compose failure [UUID]>


Do you know what is causing this?


Does it means that there is an issue with these 2 kexts?


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On 12/12/2020 at 11:48 AM, jones333333 said:

Thanks a lot for your help Jake Lo, I did update my files with your last OC files and everything is working now!

Jake Lo, are you able to use the usb C port on the HP to connect to an external screen?

The USB-C port does not support display, it's just for charging and data transfer.

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Jake Lo, I am encountering a strange issue since this week and after updating to the last version of Big Sur. When I restart may laptop I am getting an RTC POST error saying that my system time is incorrect.


Setting the correct time in the Bios doesn't fixed this. Any idea what can causing this? 

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