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Latitude 5480: Clover to Opencore conversion


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ok.. i download the file https://osxlatitude.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=28421.. test with USB boot.. and it can boot my Vanilla Catalina just fine but with
small bugs in About This Mac
- no CPU information ( Just CPU 2.7 ghz )

- no Mac information
- no Memory Information ( in DIMM ) but correctly detect my 4GB RAM

- no brightness control

Improvements compare to old Clover

- touchpad is much more better and responvice.. no more need to click/touch multiple time.. and it pretty usable


so what should i do next?

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i cannot fix the sleep issues.. can u guide me on how to fix

things that i have done
- usbmap according to OpenCore guide
- update to latest opencore 0.6.3

but the issue still persist

the problems
- choosing Sleep in power menu will make the laptop blank screen and no response.. i have to forceful shutdown and restart

- closing the lid did not make the laptop sleep

- sometimes it look like it sleep ( no fan running etc ) but when i try to wake it up.. only mouse cursor appear... the mouse can move etc but nothing can be done to make the desktop appear so i force shutdown/restart

is there any logs that i can trace/read

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