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[OC] ProBook 6470b Big Sur battery 1% with DSDT Patch


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Hi, I am currently using Big Sur on ProBook 6470b. But all guides for 6470b are outdated.

I want to make it as Vanilla as Possible. Everything works except for Tap To Click and Battery.
Big Sur has Sealed File system, so I can't really modify SLE or LE.
(except for making a Mounted Folder and then blessing it all, but it won't let me refresh the kextcache)

WIFI I am using is AR-9285, and it works fine with few kexts installed in OC
Sound is VoodooHDA, because AppleALC does not work with any IDT92HD81B1X5 layout id (3, 11, 12, 20, 28)

UPD: Applied RehabMan's Layout-3 HDEF Audio patch to my DSDT just to test it, and it worked like a charm with alcid=3 and AppleALC installed

I tried HP ProBook Generic Patch from RehabMan Repo, and applied it.
Also I installed ACPIBatteryManager.kext from RehabMan bitbucket.
But after a restart is shows 1% and that I have to service my laptop battery.

Then I start Reading those Notes in the Patch, and it says that I have to use 4530s DSDT Patches for 6x70b laptop.
But all Sources for 4530s are dead. What am I suppose to do about this?


All i need is the battery. The rest works fine.

Attaching OC EFI


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Thanks so much for your effort, but for some reason the issue still persists. Might that be because of Big Sur?

(My HP is Ivy Bridge, and I am using Haswell SMBIOS) Should I use macbookpro10,2 and set -no_compat_check?

Anyways I will try to just boot Catalina Recovery to check the battery status there.

Here is HP 6470b Original Assembled DSDT ejected using Clover F4 Key


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1366x768 but i am getting full QE/CI, so that shouldn't be a problem. But there is an optional issue (more cosmetic).

Verbose Logging looks weird and croocked, not readable. But if I turn it off, I will get a normal apple logo.

I'm just going to post it on YouTube


UPD: Set MBP10,2 but nothing changes in terms of perfomance or battery issue. Im just going to set back Haswell for better compatibility.

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Yup, Vanilla extracted using Clover installed on USB. I also extracted one using Linux Mint, compared them in hex editor and saw do difference what so ever.

The one in EFI.zip is patched tho.


UPD: I tried Catalina installer, and same as in Big Sur i am getting 1% battery.

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