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[OC] ProBook 6470b Big Sur battery 1% with DSDT Patch

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OMG Thank you for your Help! It worked like a charm. Thanks again.

I also applied Layout - 3 Audio To it, and now my Audio works too.

The only thing left to solve is Synaptic Touchpad. I cant find a proper kext for it. 

I tried RehabMans and Acidanthera latest kexts but they don't work properly (Too Hyper fast and Sensitive or it is inverted)

I just found a random Voodoops2 from a decade ago and it works with all gestures but not Tap To Click. Is there any way to fix tap to click only? The rest is good.

Thanks again.

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ohn nvm. For some reason the prefpane just apperaded by itself and now my prefpane is working


For people who need 100% Working EFI for 6470b i5-3210m for Big Sur or Below

- i5 3210M Power Management


Thanks for your effort


UPD: Just realized that Screen Mirroring does work on Catalina but not in Big Sur. That is weird.



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