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E7450: Big Sur Installation Problem


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Hello Folks

I have a E7450 i7 with 16gb of ram
and a Kingston a400 SSD with the normal wifi card.

Can anybody enlighten me on what EFI I can use?

Cause after successfully boot into install after the 12 minutes mark reboot the system reboots and doesn't continue.

I have tried to use the OC 0.6.2/3/4 and none of them got it working.

FYI i am complete newbie to the Hackintosh scene.

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Difficult to say much with so little information, including the hardware specs; "normal wifi card" is pretty meaningless...


You should be using OpenCore current 0.6.5 version these days.

Upgrade your E7450's BIOS to latest version if it does not already run it. Then reset BIOS settings to default and reconfigured along the lines of those I've described here for the E7250.

@Jake Lo posted a fully detailed guide here; maybe you could have searched the forum before posting... His guide is based on OC 0.6.3 and 0.6.4 but you can re-use the settings (i.e. ACPI tables + kexts + config file) with OC 0.6.5.

Consult Dortania's OpenCore documentation for detailed information on OpenCore. It's a must.


Please note that once you initiate the Big Sur installation and system reboots, you must choose the temp "MacOS installer" (or whatever its name might be) partition/volume to complete the process until you're left with only the target partition you chose for Big Sur.

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Hey herve thanks for the help.
My Bios version is A22 and the wifi card is the Intel AC 7265.

I am going to try to use the EFI with the more updated version of opencore,
Lilu.kext & Whatevergreen


After trying to install it with all updated above and bios settings u gave me I have this error on the kernel after reboot.
"Generation from SMC report as 2

fUseGPUBusy = 0 fPPPMSupport = 1

please go to https://panic.apple.com to report this panic"


what do I have more that I shouldn't? what is happening?
same happens with catalina latest version

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