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Optiplex 3060: UHD630 iGPU and sound problem


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Intel i5-8500

iGPU headless

nVidia GTX1060 3GB

Nectar 120GB SSD

EFI folder attached.


High Sierra 10.13.6 

Clover bootloader


Problem #1:

Whenever I boot up the system, I have to switch off the display and power it back up to able to see the login screen or I will get a black screen. I can see the boot up process. But when i get into the login screen, it just gives me black screen.


Problem #2:

I think I installed a proper driver for my iGPU. But when I open GPU activity window within activity monitor, i get a Intel KBL (I think it's Kabylake) unknown.  When I check H.265 hardware decoding abilities in VideoProc, it just gives me nVidia GTX1060. Shouldn't it be Coffee Lake ? I know iGPU acceleration is really important. Sometimes I need this machine to do some video editing work for me.


Problem #3

I have my internal speaker and headphone jack working, but I can't get my DP or HDMI audio working. How can i do that?


Problem #4:

In System Info, my processor is displayed 3GHz unkown. How can i get my process properly displayed?


Problem #5:

When I load up clover bootloader, I always hear the chime sound of apple computer. How can I disable it?


These problems have plagued me for eons. I am new to hackintosh and I've been searching for answers for a long time. 

I hope someone could help me with that. I will really appreciate your help! Thank you!


EFI 2.zip

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  • Administrators

Several things to revise in your Clover config:

  • CPU power management is all wrong: no need to drop CpuPm and Cpu0Ist tables with a Coffee Lake platform, those drops applied to Sandy & Ivy Bridge systems. In the same respect, remove Generate P States/C States, that applied to Core2Duo/1st gen Core CPUs.
  • I'm quite surprised by the number of ACPI patches you've selected. Are you sure you need all of them?
  • i5-8500 is indeed Coffee Lake with UHD630 iGPU so why did you select Kaby Lake iMac18,3 SMBIOS instead of iMac19,2? Change that.
  • You appear to inject the correct device properties forUHD630 graphics but you only patched con0 and con2 connectors (i.e. video output ports). DP or HDMI audio require that the associated connector bet set to HDMI type 00080000. So, check in IOReg which port connects to your DP or HDMI screen and patch its type accordingly. In your config, only con0 is set to HDMI type.
  • Clover chime, you should easily find out if you search a little better the Clover documentation. Hint: something to do with an audio module/driver...
  • Strangely enough, no ACPI folder in the zipped EFI you posted so I'll assume you're not using any patched DSDT or SSDT. If you do, please post your full EFI.
  • Given that you have a Pascal GTX1060 graphics card in your desktop, you are using the nVidia Web Driver, right?
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@Hervé I've changed my smbios to imac19,2. But boot process shows that high sierra is not compatible with this platform.( screen shot included)

I've remove cpupm and cpu01st table drop and generate p states/c states.

I am not using any DSDT or SSDT. I don't how to patch. I am still a newbie.

Yes I am using nVidia Web driver.

I removed the audiodex.efi and no chime now. But I didn't find the wav file. Is the sound generated on the fly?

I need to use high sierra, because I am using a gtx1060 graphics card. Anything higher than high sierra won't work.

I am stuck here. I can't get back into my system now. What can i do to cope with that?  Thank you!


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@Jake Lo I get into the system and actually nothing changes.


I remove all acip renames. I actually don't need them.

I am using my nvdia gup to drive my diskplay and i see from ioreg that i use con2 and type info is correct I think. I am using a Benq display and it has two three inputs one hdmi one dp and one vga.

I use hdmi for my mac mini and dp for this dell hackintosh. When i switch from hdmi input to dp, i get a flash of the desktop and then it turns into black screen. i have to reboot my display to see my desktop again. 

I think it is due to connection type. I patched con type in clover but i doesn't work. (screen shot attached)

I use my igup in headless mode. So i changed AAPL,ig-platform-id from 07009B3E to 0300913E, but i got a "could not register with framebuffer driver" message during boot up. It seemed i have broken something. Also I lose h264 decode capibility.

I am really frustrated. How can I get out of this mess?


Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 10.35.29 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 10.35.55 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 10.36.54 AM.png

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@Hervé I think I am using correct framebuffer settings.why do I get counterproductive result? Nothing has changed after I change to 19,2 except I lose h264 decoding ability and a boot up delay telling me “could not register frame buffer driver”.  As for a new comer,this is how far I can get. I don’t known where I should head for. So what exactly do you mean by correct config? Thank you!

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@Jake Lo

I give it a shot and the result is no good. I seemed to lost all my decode abilities. (screen shot included). Any other sugesstions?  it seems that imac19,2 can cover my cpu, but it is not recognized by high sierra. But i just can't use mojave or higher.

I need my gtx1060 to work. 192835149_ScreenShot2021-03-11at7_53_07AM.thumb.png.b64d6560dd5695a8210510c5ad7a47ae.png

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