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Dell Latitude 5510: can Big Sur be installed on it?


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Hi all,


did anybody succeed in stallating Catalina or Big Sur on an Dell Latitude 5510 (i5-10310U, Intel UHD graphics)?

I tried the EFI folder from this post:

I know that it is for a Precision.

Was worth a try.


The installation stopped right after the boot.


Any suggestion how to successful install?




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OK, hope this helps.


dell latitude 5510 (2020):
- Intel Core i5-10310U 10th generation
- Integrated Intel UHD graphics
- Chipset Comet Lake
- 16 GB Memory, will be upgraded to 32, if mac os install is possible
- NVMe Drive 512 GB
- Realtek ALC3204 Audio
- Intel Wi-Fi AX201
- Intel Ethernet-NIC I219LM




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I have a very similar Latitude 5410 laptop with an i7-10610U running Big Sur with OpenCore.



  • Intel i7-10610U processor
  • Intel UHD 620 graphics
  • 16GB 3200Mhz DDR4 Memory
  • 256GB NVMe Drive
  • Realtek ALC3204 Audio
  • Intel Wi-Fi AX201
  • Intel I219L NIC

Here's what I have working so far:

  • Keyboard works with backlight, volume hotkeys, backlight toggle hotkey
  • Internal speakers working
  • Wifi, Airport, Bluetooth
  • Battery level seems right

I found a random Github repo of some guy's working Latitude 5400: Github. I copied his config.plist DeviceProperties section. It's for an i5-8265U so I have no idea why it works but it does. I have hardware acceleration working! Attaching updated config.plist. If anyone can give me a hand with the trackpad, I'd appreciate it but other than that it's all working! Brightness hotkeys for the display as well, if anybody has any experience with those.



I haven't been able to get the trackpad working, linux shows it as an I2C-HID device but the Voodoo kext isn't working for me either. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attaching my EFI folder. @denkteich if you end up getting it installed my EFI should at least help with sound, wifi and ethernet, my specs for those are almost identical to yours.



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@Jake Lo I made a second post but it seems it didn't save for some reason, I actually got my iGPU working. I copied some guy's config from Github out of desperation, he had a comet lake processor and to my surprise it just worked. Doubt it's helpful to you @denkteich but I'm attaching my updated EFI. And I'm gonna try those files when I get a chance, definitely hoping Sinetek-rtsx.kext will get my SD card reader working, didn't even know it was a thing.


Edit: Just realized I don't have HDMI out with this config



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@Jake Lo I got around to adding the files you posted. 


  • Trackpad works now, however it's laggy and when you first touch it the cursor jumps to a random spot on the screen
  • Trackpad buttons don't work, strangely when I left click and drag on the desktop it starts to drag out a selection square but disappears after about a second, none of the 5 buttons work for anything else though
  • SD card reader works 😀


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Did you have tab to drag enabled?

Trackpad buttons not working is known when using VoodooI2C.

What 5 buttons?

Do you have full graphics aceleration with my files?

Does HDMI video / Audio work?

Sleep/ Wake?

Fn keys for Brightness work?

Can you post an IOReg using IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1?

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By the 5 buttons, I mean the left/right click and then there's 3 above the track pad, left/right click and middle mouse button. I do have full graphics acceleration at this point, however no HDMI out at all. Sleep/Wake seems to be working fine. Fn keys for brightness aren't doing anything. And I'm not sure what you mean by tab to drag? I have 3-finger drag enabled but it doesn't seem to work, hard to tell though since my cursor jumps all over the place when using track pad. Two-finger scroll works though. Here's my IOReg. Thank you so much for all your help btw.


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