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Dell Latitude D620 instructions


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Hello Guys,

    I would like to turn my old good D620 into a Hackintosh.

    Can anybody please tell me what is the latest macOS it is compatible with?

    Also, is there a link from which I can download the necessary USB and get detailed instructions on how to hackintosh it?

    Thanks in advance!

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Very old and totally obsolete stuff nowadays but you can make your USB installer with myHack tool/app (available on this forum) and the relevant D620 bootpack (also available on the forum in this very section). myHack Requires an existing Mac, Hack or VM running SL 10.6, L 10.7, ML 10.8 or Mav 10.9. It's not supported on pre-SL and post-Mavericks versions.


Make your USB installer and then install Mac OS X by following the on-screen guidance. The bootpack consists of the full Extra folder that you will need to point to and install when prompted so by myHack. If you're not prompted for the bootpack (Extra folder), use the dedicated menu option of myHack to install it. This applies to the USB installer and the actual Mac OS X installation.


Please note that you won't be able to do much with old Mac OS X versions such as SL and Lion (anything older than Yosemite in fact) and old Web browsers available for SL and/or Lion are no longer compatible with most Web sites. But SL flew on these D620 with decent specs (say [email protected] CPU, 4GB RAM and a 7200rpm HDD). Same applies to Mountain Lion if you went ahead with the old MLPF hack that allows to run a bastardised DP1 version of ML on these old officially unsupported systems.

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