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[SOLVED] Optiplex 7020 Triple Boot Windows Fail


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Hi Guys


I have a Dell Optiplex 7020 which I have installed macOS Catalina, Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.


I started with an Catalina install USB from my Dell E6540 simply because it was already there and the installation actually went pretty smoothly and was able to boot all three OSs.

However as the Catalina install was using the wrong bootpack it didn't work that well with screen resolution issues and no sound - which was to be expected.

I rebuilt a proper bootpack using the 9020 Catalina bootpack and copied it to the EFI partition and it works perfectly - QECI and audio etc.. Very happy with it.


However now unable to boot from Windows 10. Using 9020 bootpack Clover offers three options - macOS, Linux and shows windows logo but says boot <blank> from <blank> underneath. If I select this option disk momentarily blinks and terminal type cursor shows at top of screen but stops there. Reverting back to the original E6540 (sub-optimal) bootpack restores the ability to boot Windows 10 (so the installation is still bootable) but obviously Catalina is not working 100%.


I thinking it's an issue with config.plist but unsure how to proceed. I've attached both bootpacks FYI.


Any help much appreciated.


An the original E6420 bootpack


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