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WWAN for Dell Latitude e6230


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Hi guys. I am looking for an internal LTE adapter for my e6230. I currently have Catalina installed, but I will be reinstalling High Sierra soon.
I would like to get a list of compatible WWAN adapters or can you recommend the most stable one with good signal strength.
Thank you.

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WWAN modules are kind of deprecated nowadays with the advent of shared SmartPhones connection through either Bluetooth, HotSpot or USB cables. Granted the wireless options require the appropriate wireless card in the Hack.


This being said, 4G/LTE EM7305/DW5809e 100/50Mbps module (Qualcomm MDM9215 chipset) was reported to be working Ok (see @Crashdoom's posts) so look that up in mini-PCIe format and, if you can't find that (which you most probably won't), consider an M.2 adapter for the WWAN slot. EM5809e is a 3 x antennas model and so, will perfectly be usable in the E6230 (5 x antenna cables).


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