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Latitude 7280: some unresolved problems with Big Sur + OC 0.6.9

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Or you disable the entry for USBInjectAll and add/enable USBMap... Just the usual, really.

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Given the continuing lack of clarity, same comments and questions as before:

  • Webcam is USB internal and is therefore expected to be listed in SysInfo->USB. Is it the case?
  • If it's not you still have not properly mapped your USB ports (I noticed you still have XhciPortLimit enabled).
  • If it is, consider the webcam unsupported.

You may also want to check that the camera works in, say, Windows to rule out a physical problem (bad connection, defective device). All in your hands...

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I'm sorry for the lack of clarity, I'm dyslexic, I'm sorry in advance, but before I was on windows and the webcam worked perfectly,
and I don't know how to disable XhciPortLimit  

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:shock: Obviously you open up your OC config with whatever tool you normally use (ProperTree, OpenCoreConfiguratorXcode, etc.) and you disable the currently enabled XhciPortLimit parameter. It's as simple as that.

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It's so easy to create a USB map.


Follow this guide:



The reason why your webcam is not showing is because you are not mapping your USB ports correctly.




No dependency on USBInjectAll

Can map XHCI (chipset, third party, and AMD), EHCI, OHCI, and UHCI ports

Can map USB 2 HUBs currently disabled

Matches based on class name, not port or controller name

Allows setting nicknames to the last-seen populated ports in discovery

Aggregates connected devices via session id instead of the broken port addressing

Can use best-guess approaches to generate ACPI to rename controllers or reset RHUB devices as needed


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