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E6430: no graphics acceleration under Big Sur (OpenCore)


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I've already installed mojave using clover and on the first boot after installation everything was ok.

After restarting 3D acceleration it stopped working.


I used an EFI OPENCORE and installed catalina and the same problem happened after restarting 3D acceleration failure.


I used the file made available here to install BIG SUR. It was a little different, the 3D acceleration did not work at any stage.



In the water on this mac it shows intel HD 4000 / 1536mb.

my hardware


i5 / 8gbram / intel HD / 1366x768. Bios A24


I appreciate anyone who can help me.

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Are you using the Config-loRes and renaming it to Config.plist?

The Config also has SSDT-i5-3340M.aml enabled. If your CPU is not that, disable it or rename it to one I have included in my files:




If none of those matches yours, then you'll just need to generate your own with ssdtprgen.sh

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Your OpenCore setup is incorrect in several aspects and this fully explains the issues you experience.


1st of all, do clean up your setup and get rid of unused patched tabes and kexts; this could only lead to potential confusion and trouble.



  1. you appear to use 2 x patched tables for EC; that's wrong. Do not use SSDT-EC-USBX, Dortania's documentation clearly states it's for Skylake platforms and later; just use the basic SSDT-EC table.
  2. you inject an unnecessary property for your iGPU; HD4000 graphics does not require to patch stolenmem so get rid of that; the rest is Ok.
  3. your boot args in NVRAM section are contradictory with other settings of your config:
    1. you call on boot arg -igfxnohdmi to disable HDMI, yet you inject the iGPU patch that injects HDMI type to con1 (required for HDMI audio); get rid of this.
    2. you call on boot arg -no_compat_check, yet you use MacBookPro11,1 SMBIOS which is fully compatible with Big Sur; get rid of this, it''l prevent all Big Sur updates from being offered.
  4. you enable Xcpm kernel quirk alongside CpuPm quirk. Don't. Xcpm does not work or not reliably on these Ivy Bridge laptops. Since your using a generated CPU power management SSDT and CpuPm patch, stick to that only.
  5. given the above point, you also need to drop CpuPm + Cpu0Ist BIOS/ACPI tables for proper CPU power management. These drops are not enabled at the moment. Do so.
  6. CustomBiosGuid kernel quirk should not be required on an E6x30. Get rid of it.


  1. There again you should get rid of your unused kexts (especially for USB ports) in order to avoid confusion and potential problems.

There are probably a few more minor things but start by correct your setup according to the above list and things should begin to work properly.

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Jake, being the experienced Hackintosher/guru that he is, could not have posted such a config for an E6430. You re-used stuff posted by @truceFR for which there is much to say in terms of adjustment and tuning -as detailed above- but it does not matter.


Don't hesitate to read the OpenCore documentation available on the Dortania web repository for guidance. You may use tools such as Xcode, ProperTree or OpenCore Configurator to modify and adjust your OC config.

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