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EDP 2.1 it is not there anymore


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My lap: 80GB U2500 .. managed to get it working really cool all the way to 10.6.8

was installing the real cool stuff when my HD crashed ;-((( so I had to start over,

I went thru so many iterations can't remember which piece work or which one didn't...


Now after I finished installing the base SL the mouse is unresponsive and the video goes to the

external monitor port quite weird(played with CRT/LCD keys and BIOS options .. no cigar),

which kext I need to reinstall here??? I copied over the Extra folder from the bootpack but it

doesn't seem to make any difference, with the external monitor and keyboard I managed to type in

the initial stuff thinking that maybe then it would work afterwards ... it didn't.


A couple of days ago you had that nice edp 2.1 which really helped me to get thru the update

after the combo from Apple and got my SL in top shape before the HD crash(of course the copy

I had went with the HD which needed to be reformatted), now I see it is NOT there no more ;-((( and

that script thingie didn't work out for me, I thought I could run the EDP2.1 to fix my mouse/monitor






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3.0, 3.1 <_ don worry let just say it edp3.>


The download listed in the EDP pages is for the tiny shell script which, when run, will download the latest EDP version. It doesn't really matter to us whether it's a 3.0 or a 3.1 version (that's more for those clever cookies who develop and maintain the tool), it's sort of transparent to us.


A new feature of these last few days is that when you re-run your EDP tool command, it checks if an update is available and you can choose option 5 to update if you wish. You may notice that 3digit revision n°, which is currently at 410.

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Only EDP 3.0 is listed in the download


Thanks for mentioning, I changed it to EDP Version 3. The version 3 gets it files via SVN, so it is always the most up to date version!


When we update some files, you will get a message and you could update to a new revision.

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