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Ericsson f3507g modem: supported in Mavericks?


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Check it first from USB part to see:
1.The card is showing up under USB.  if not,  need to tape PIN 20, insert the card again.
2. If Yes,  what is ProductID/VendorID?
3. in My patch for Ericsson f3507g in CellPhoneHelper.kext,  replace <key>0x0bdb/0x1900 Ericsson F3507g</key>   with your <key>0xVVVV/0xPPPP Ericsson F3507g</key>,  also this part with decimal values (not hexadecimal)
4. reboot,  you will get WWAN card showing up

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Hello KFP,


Now the card appears as wwan card. But there are just a few Settings in advanced settings. In "others" is no entry and in generic is just a V.90 Apple Modem. If I choose Sony Ericsson/ GSM/UMTS I Can fill in the APN and then I select others, so I can see a generic GSM/UMTS Setting and apply it. Know it connects but next time after reboot or sign in the WWAN-Status icon is disabled and the advanced setting is reseted to V90 Modem. Do you have any ideas?


If I select "show WWAN-Status in menu bar" it apears, but after robot it is disabled again.



kind regards



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It's a dial-up modem so you obviously need to configure the dial-up access as shown in post #1 (i.e. enter the number to dial and/or the relevant APN). This info depends on your service provider (Orange, SFR, etc.) and you'll find details through a Google search.


You'll also find an example here. If you patch the CellPhoneHelper kext to run the card as a WWAN, you'll only need the APN.

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