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Dell Inspiron 5378, i7-7500U - Brightness Fn Keys Help


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Hello, I've been researching for days about Fn+F11 and Fn+F12 to control screen brightness on Big Sur, and I noticed that this thread is the most up to date I could find, with laptops with similar configurations of mine.


I have a Dell 5378 laptop on Big Sur, i7 7500U, UHD 620, OpenCore 0.7.0, struggling for days to solve this.


It works with Fn+S and Fn+B keys, but not Fn+F11 and Fn+F12.


I've tried SSDT-BRT6 and patch, the SSDT-OCWork-dell, Brightnesskeys kext... nothing works.


I attached my current EFI folder and my system DSDT table from ACPI (MaciASL 1.6.1)

Could you give some directions on how to solve this, please?

dsdt.aml.zip EFI.zip

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@Baio77 thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!


but everything is working with the ssdt and config.plist that @Jake Lo provided, and I managed to break the big ssdt in smaller, individual ssdt files.


windows was removed from the laptop, it is installed only on my desktop now. 

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@Baio77 thanks again for advising. I will try the EFI you provided and will report asap.

@Baio77 please find attached the full ioreg file booting with the EFI you provided. I don't know if it makes any difference, but I have a trackpad and a touchscreen.


thanks for your help!


1. brightness keys now work with F11 and F12, not Fn+11 and Fn+12 as before.

2. ioreg


MacBook Poor de Fernando.zip

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EDIT: the strange thing I noticed:


- if I use ssdt-xosi + rename _osi and osid patches, brightness keys are F11 and F12 and I2C0@15 ioreg is completely filled. trackpad and touchscreen work fine.


- if I use ssdt-gpi0 (ssdt-xosi and patched removed), or if I use none of them, brightness keys are Fn+F11 and Fn-F12 and I2C0@15 ioreg is almost empty, just like I2C1@5,1. trackpad and touchscreen work fine.


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