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E6540, E6420: remapping of brightness keys


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This is not a touchpad issue, per se but, rather, is in the PS2Keyboard portion.

But it's something that I am experiencing while using this kext so, here goes ...


I am currently building out 2 systems to run 10.12.6 and this kext is doing the job on both just fine, including K/B backlight control.


One is a Latitude E6540 and the other a Latitude E6420.  Now both are exhibiting the exact same FKey behavior which is quite excellent except for:

the video brightness- => Fn+F3

the video brightness+ => Fn+F15.


I would like to move these functions to the up and down arrow keys. The keys with the blue brightness+/- icons on them.

That's right next to the key that is already controlling the K/B backlight wonderfully.


How do I best achieve this ?


Thanks in advance

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