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[Solved] E6420: can only boot Yosemite without cache


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I installed Yosemite 10.10.3 following this Chameleon guide by Jake Lo; then updated via software update to 10.10.5. All working well, except I can't boot without -f? 😖  I have repaired permissions and rebuilt the cache numerous times.

The boot screen does not progress beyond this:



last 2 lines read: 

Sound assertion in AppleHDAEngine as line 581

Sound assertion in AppleHDAEngine as line 18170 


Attached below is my Extra Directory:



All help and suggestions greatly appreciated! 😍

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Woaw, old and totally deprecated stuff. Why would you install old Yosemite with Chameleon today? It's all been abandoned for years. The E6x20 laptops can natively run macOS up to High Sierra and you'll find much more recent guides for that.


The installation process and DSDT-less bootpack I posted in my E6220 Mojave guide here may be of particular interest to you.

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Hello Herve, 

initially l installed High Sierra (clover), but could not overcome freeze and crash of apps, especially safari. Usually would happen when moving windows. Tried everything I found through search, except switching out LCD 🤪.
I already had the usb Yosemite install from a few years ago. Anyway… probably TMI. 

So that said, do you know what’s wrong with what I’ve done? Sometimes after a few years you forget how you did WHAT? 😊

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