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Wifi not visible on the recovery


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Hi guys so I need a help. I've tried to install MacOs Monterey on my laptop but after all problems passed I need help with this one. So basically I'm trying to install that via recovery mode which require internet. I have broadcom wifi I think but I've tried all of those Kext's : AirportItlwm , AirportBrcmFixup, also something else. Nothing worked at this point I don't see wifi icon in the top right corner. I don't know how to fix it, yes I've added kext's to the config and I don't have ethernet and didn't worked if I plugged my iphone with hotspot via usb. Also I know I could flash monterey but first of all I don't know if I'll have wifi later after flashing and second of that. BalenaEtcher every time shows me flash failed and after trying to install on like 70% got files corrupted error. I'm really asking for help because I'm so annoyed by doing this hackintosh but I really want macOS at this point. I can link config if someone needs to just ask if you need (cannot attach config file in here).


My specs :

Hp Envy 15 Notebook Pc
IntelCore i7-4510U 2GHZ (4CPUs) ~2.6GHZ (Haswell)
16 gb ram
DirectX 12
Gpu Nvidia Gtx 850M


Also Network adapters list included as attachment image.


Thanks for your time. I would really appreciate for help and this is my first hackintosh so please don't blame me.


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