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Dell Vostro 3681 SFF: restart & display issues with Monterey


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Anyone can give me solution for RESTART / NO DISPLAY problem. 

I succeed install macOS Monterey 12.0.1 even during installation I have to shutdown the PC 3 times by pressing power button (force shutdown).

Because the display won't turn on (blank screen / no display) if the PC restart (LED power and CPU+Fan still running)

I tried to unplug and plug the HDMI cable, but still no display input.


 Here the specs:


Dell Vostro SFF 3681

-  Chipset : Intel B460

-  Processor : Intel Comet Lake i5-10400

-  iGPU : Intel UHD Graphics 630

-  RAM : 8GB DDR4

-  Storage : BC511 NVMe SK Hynix 256GB (Dual boot Windows10 + macOS)

-  Wireless : Intel WiFi 3165

-  Ethernet : Realtek RTL811

- Audio: Realtek ALC256



-  WAKE from SLEEP



@Jake Lo 🙏



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only add this ACPI patch 








    <string>FIX RESET</string>

























I got the patch from forums.


Anyway thanks for all


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