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Lenovo E470: no HDMI output (Catalina)


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The iGPU properties injected in @Vonjy's Clover config are odd and contradictory:

  1. device location is incorrectly entered (though it probably works due to values being <10)
  2. framebuffer port count set to 2 yet there's a patch for a 3rd one





This needs be revisited and configured with correct syntax and meaningful parameters:

1) iGPU device location


2) iGPU properties

AAPL,ig-platform-id        00001659        DATA
device-id                  16590000        DATA
framebuffer-patch-enable   1               NUMBER
framebuffer-stolenmem      00003001        DATA
framebuffer-fbmem          00009000        DATA
framebuffer-unifiedmem     00000080        DATA
framebuffer-con1-enable    1               NUMBER
framebuffer-con1-type      00080000        DATA     // but this is usually to support HDMI audio, not HDMI per sé


Check whether MBP14,3 is more appropriate than MBP14,1.

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Apart fom the weird value shown for iGPU subsystem id, all looks ok to me. What were your settings at the time you took this IOReg? Was HDMI monitor plugged in?

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