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Intel 8265ngw: not working after sleep


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Hi all,

I've got a Dell E7280 i5-6300u working fine on Monterey with OpenCore. Only issues are light sensor apparantely not working, but more important, after sleep the WiFi doesn't work properly (bluetooth works fine though). It's on but doesn't see any networks besides my iPhone hotspot.


It's a Intel m.2 8265ngw, with IntelBluetoothFirmware/Injector 2.1.0.



wifi.log shows this when I activate WiFi after sleep:

Thu Feb 10 13:50:36.695 <kernel> en1: setting diversity to: -1
Thu Feb 10 13:50:36.695 <kernel> en1: Error configuring antenna diversity (index = -1).
Thu Feb 10 13:50:36.695 <kernel> en1: setting tx antenna: -1
Thu Feb 10 13:50:36.695 <kernel> en1: Error configuring transmit antenna (index = -1).
Thu Feb 10 13:50:36.695 <airport[218]> -[dpsManager handleDPSEventWithType:eventInfo:networkName:BSSID:channelInfo:isCriticalAppInUse:]_block_invoke: Ignoring non-dps events while not in monitoring period/ Ignoring DPS event while in monitoring period
Thu Feb 10 13:50:36.696 Usb Host Notification Error Apple80211Set: Input/output error seqNum 14 Total 3 chg 1 en1
Thu Feb 10 13:50:36.700 <kernel> IO80211VirtualInterface::handleSIOCSIFFLAGS : Source handleIoctlGated calling peerManager->enable



Anyone have any idea how to troubleshoot, or should I simply get a supported card?

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