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A fully working Dell latitude 7370 with M5 cpu hackintosh

Ehshan Amin

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I checked everywhere on internet on hackintoshing...

But no succes. Tried 5-6 efi files... I can get big sur installed but without GPU acceleration.

Tried patching through hackintool but no luck. 7 mb of vram is allocated... Anyone had any success.

Please guide than you...

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Dear Jake lo I just tried final efi and igpu works...

Now there couple of issues.

1. In battery mode if I close lid it automatically shutdown. But when ac is connected it sleeps.

2. There is no battery icons. In energy saver settings it shows 0% battery charge...

3. Trackpad not working properly. Only scroll gesture is working... Trackpad preference shows no trackpad...

Can you guide me on those issues... I think ist and second point is related to same issue... Power management



One more thing is on startup itlwm and intelfirmware kind of loops in verbos mode... Thake too long wo start.


Another issue found.camera not available.16502494680634968489164642929037.thumb.jpg.7c76d64a3a1c91a6b79d5820f97df644.jpg

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